Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving right along...

Blast from the past (01/08):

So I tried the MySpace blog thing for awhile, until MySpace's interface finally became too frustrating to use with any consistency. Finally gave up, and with a new year, I'm starting over here on Blogger again.

Turning 50 (in a couple of weeks) has hit me harder that I thought it would. The realization that it's time to really make my move if I ever want to accomplish the things I know I'm capable of. So big changes are in store...

So where to start? Well first off, I have become increasingly aware that as long as I was trying make my living doing commercial graphics as a self-employed freelancer, I would never have time to focus on what *I* want to do. So as of Dec. 1, I have gone on salary with one of my primary clients, and told most of the others that I am no longer available. Once the transition is complete, my eves will be only be devoted to music/film/art projects, and my *day job" work ends when the sun goes down.

Secondly, I have bit the financial bullet and rented a studio space at the Eyedrum building. On Jan. 1, I signed the lease on on a 1200 SF room and sublet out 800 sf to a couple of other artists. I'm almost finshed building a wall and painting. Then Z-Axis will move in, as will Zentropy, another new project of mine (more later)

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